Repeated Appeal to Hajjul Akbar on disuse of zakath funded Puttalam K Hospital Featured

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Repeated Appeal to Hajjul Akbar on disuse of zakath funded Puttalam K Hospital
19 September
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Respected Ulam usthath Hadjul Akbar,

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmathullahi wa barakathuh,

I am once again here to mete out you much pain and head ache. I just returned from the Jummah prayers from the masjid of my neighborhood.

I returned home nonplussed, unable to digest why these respected “alims” or “dayees” preach something and practice the other way round. In his Jummah Sermon, the young “alim” warned the congregation that “Allah will, not only question how did you earn but also how did you spend?

Respected Usthath, this is the very essence what I had raised in my public appeal on Kuwait Hospital in English, and then in plain Tamil. To my exasperation, you remain tight-lipped and the people qualified enough to be your bellboys air their own explanations in substandard language. It is really ridicules to a institution like Jama-et-E-Islami, that have earned a reputation over the years. I am unable to understand whether they think that they are very wise or the people are fools?

Respected Usthath,

I strongly believe that the Kuwait Hospital is constructed utilizing millions and millions of Zakath fund provided to the People of Puttalam. Now it is ruined, the belongings are disappearing from there into the thin air. If you had board of survey, you would be surprised how many of them are missing. Not to talk about valuable big things, but just small things such as the cables of the sophisticated equipments. They have purposely removed them, with the intention of making them worthless heap of iron scraps. Little by little the beds and other furniture are being transferred to the seminary of your own home town – Madampe- while our women , in the maternity ward of Puttalam Base Hospital sharing two beds before their child birth, and lay the two babies in the same bed and sleeping on the cold floor. These facts are already dealt in our public appeal. 

I happened to hear a piece of voice cut from the secretary of your Puttalam branch in which he crystal clearly says that the institution is not bound to answer about the hospital to anyone , but only to Allah , simply because it was a private hospital. 

Respected Usthath, I believe that I have every right to demand a reply from you. Please…Please ……Please tell us in words of one syllable that the Kuwait Hospital is not built utilizing Zakath fund hence it is the sole property of Jama-et-e-Islami. Then we shrink from our fight and patiently wait to the day of judgment. 

May Allah accept all our deeds and thoughts.

[This is the second appeal to the head of Sri Lanka Jamaathe Eslami over the disuse of mullions worth of Zakath funded hospital in Puttalam. The head of the Movement, Respected Usthath Hajjul Akbar is yet to respond to the initial appeal.]


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