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Kuwait Hospital: UC Chairman Baiz accept mediation role with condition
10 October
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By Newton Isaac

UC Chairman K.A.Baiz expresses his willingness do all what is needed to make use of Kuwait Hospital provided all concern parties including Jama-et-E- Islami express their willingness to discuss and resolve this matter.

The Controversial Kuwait Hospital issue seems to be getting hot-pitch these days. Arguments and counter arguments have been gushing beyond Puttalam to Island wide and European soils as well.

Two months long aggressive social media campaign on the Kuwait Hospital issue has been moved by some youth of Puttalam town in to active ground campaign. Hence the Youth have forwarded a petition to Mr. K. A. Baiz, Chairman of Puttalam Urban Council seeking his intervention into the conflict. The signatories to petition include few lawyers and social activists in addition to ordinary people Puttalam and this indicates the severity of the issues being felt by people of Puttalam.

The following is the contents of the Petition (translated version to English). 


Dear Sir,

Subject: Seeking Intervention Into Kuwait Hospital Controversy

You are well aware that Puttalam Kuwait Hospital has been paralyzed and has become a charity hospital curing minor illnesses by a part-time medical officer and a place where other institutions conduct their occasional eye-camps.

The service of the trained para medical and other staff have already been terminated and the hospital have lost the valuable human resources. While the two new ambulances are being misused, all the other sophisticated medical equipment , tools and other hospital furniture has fallen into disuse. A threat looms ahead that all the sophisticated equipments and tools could end in mere heaps of iron before long.

We have a documental proof to prove that this hospital was established with the financial support by the Kuwait Zakath House. It is our grave concern that allowing this hospital to further devastation is a great sin and a social crime as well.

As we consider this as a matter is extremely serious, we, the undersigned petitioners seek your kind contribution to solve the matter.

While extending our profound gratitude for your sincere intervention , we look forward an early reply from you. 

As a few of us are on vacation and are to leave the country shortly, we kindly request you to give top priority to this significant matter.

Thank you very much


It is imperative to underline that no further clarification is necessary about the matter to educate the people who have little or no knowledge about this matter, to those who well aware the matter and vainly attempt to paint the curse as a blessing.

For the benefit of those rightly thinking people we would like to provide some thoughts to ponder.

1) Puttalam Kuwait Hospital has been registered under the Ministry of Health under the designed name of “Kuwait Hopital – Nedunkulama” under Registered No. lPHRC No PH/44)

2) From the inception of the Kuwait Hospital to to-date, needed trade license had not been obtained from Puttalam Urban Council under Section 162 and 163 of the Urban Councils Ordinance Chapter 255.

3) If any institution formed under the investment of the state or a state corporation it will be a state owned institution and the rest of the institution are private institution and no matter they are established by individuals or in group for making profit or trust foundations. As the Kuwait Hospital is formed under the Kuwait Hospital Trust Foundation, the claim of the hospital management, as “it is a private owned hospital and not having any responsibility to answer to the call of public” is absolutely baseless and contrary to the objectives to which the Hospital was formed.

4) In moving forward to resolve the conflict, public need to be informed whether the hospital is a Private or Public trust. If the hospital is said to be a trust foundation to ensure the interest of individuals.

5) It is our belief that the hospital is the property of the people live within the limits of Puttalam Urban Council. We believe that the fund was obtained by the proponents by submitting a project proposal to provide high standard medical treatment of the people of Puttalam , irrespective of the donors, no matter whether its Kuwait Zakath House or any other well-wisher Organizations.

6) It is unwarranted to argue that it is sufficient to answer to Allah only about a public property and there is no need to answer of questions of each and every concern public. Our arguments is such people are accountable first to the people and then to Allah. No activity that lacks accountability and transparency will not be a activity with purity to gain the lessing of God (“Ihlas”) and its not at all the exemplary character of a religious institution that preach morality and ethics.

We would like to quote an incident recorded in the prophet Muhammad (Sal) life. The prophet was walking on the road with his wife. On his way he happened to introduce his wife voluntarily to a person who turned away his face to avoid any possible doubt of misconduct. Thought there was no need to the prophet to proclaim with whom he was going with, in order prevent unnecessary gossips and “fasadhs” he did so. It is rather regretful to a layman like me to point out this to organization with learned people who proclaim themselves as representing for and preaching the teaching of the prophet.

When I enquired Mr. Baiz, Chairman of Puttalam Urban Council about the appeal, he said unless all concern parties including Jama-et-E- Islami express their willingness to discuss and resolve this matter he is helpless.

We urge Jama-et-E- Islami to consider this and give its full corporation to resolve the Kuwait Hospital matter and bring back to the intended use of it.

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