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Hon Imtiyaz: Appeal for Intervention Into Puttalam Kuwait Hospital Issue
07 November
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Hon. Imthiya Baakir Makar.  MP

Member of Parliament 

Kalutara District


Hon. Sir,

Appeal for Intervention Into Puttalam Kuwait Hospital Issue  

Being  a  lobbyist  for social changes, I , on behalf of my worthy colleagues, would like to bring to Honour’s knowledge  the pitiful paralysis of Puttalam Kuwait Hospital and the misuse of a great deal of Zakath fund by the Sri Lanka Jamaet- E- Islami  under whose control the ill-fated  hospital remains. 

Your honour’s kind attention is drawn to the prevailing chaotic situation in this hospital that was meant for providing high standard  health care service for the people of Puttalam by the “Zakath House” of the  State of Kuwait.  

  1. Based on the information revealed by the “Asian Tribune” on the day of the inaugural ceremony of the hospital, and from the available information that are still exist in the website of Sri Lanka Jama-et-E- Islami,  we have every reason to believe that Puttalm Kuwait Hospital is the donation of the “Zakath House” of Kuwait for the people of Puttalam, not for the benefit of an  Organization.  

02.Although the hospital was inaugurated with wide popularization, long time ag,  it happened to fall into disuse for the following reasons.

a) The unwise selection of location -  this hospital has been located in a lonely  deserted outskirt of Puttalam town where there are no  proper roads and transport facilities and human settlements in  its  close vicinity. 

b) Lack of corporation - from the time the hospital came to being, it happened to depend on the Base hospital for doctors who always opt to serve for the popular private hospitals in the vicinity of Puttalam Base hospital.  The lack of corporation from the local doctors too contributed for this adverse effect on this hospital. It is the direct consequence of the mismanagement by extremely inefficient and incompetent people. 

03   Because of the above reasons,  it has transformed into a charity hospital where a part-time medical officer treats patients for trivial aliments  from 3.00 p.m . to 7.00 p.m. A sum of Rs. 50.00 is charged from the patients for the service provided. 

04While sophisticated medical equipments and other hospital furniture are idling within the four walls of the hospital, two ambulances, worth of millions,  are being misused by the senior members of Sri Lanka Jama-et-E-Islami. 

05Organizations such as “Jamiyyathul Sabab” avail  this  hospital for their occasional eye-surgery programmes  for which they pay a substantial rent to the Sri Lanka Jama-et-E-Islami’s  head quarters. 

06 The service of the Para-medics who were trained by the Mudurai   Meenatchchi Mission Hospital of  Tamilnadu, at the cost of the funding agencies of the hospital , and all the minor and sanitary work force abruptly terminated with meager redundancy payment   instead of contributing for EPF and ETF legally due to them.  The valuable human resources fell into the hands of private hospitals in Puttalam town. 

07The activist who work with me raise voice against the Jama-et-E-Islami demanding the Organization to donate all the sophisticated hospital equipments and furniture to Puttalam Base Hospital and other  Periphery Units  in Puttalam electorate that suffer acute shortage of basic facilities.  However, the Organization argues that it was a private hospital, and the Organization is not bound to  answer to any ore , but Allah only.  

08Time and again, we attempted to draw the attention of  the politicians, religious dignitaries and all other important people; unfortunately  our attempts ended in vain. 

09We would like to bring to Your Honour’s attention to the piece of  careless response of Moulavy Hajul Akbar, the present  incumbent of Sri Lanka Jame-et-E-Islami. In order to emphasize the gravity, I did not attempt to translate and has given below as it was. 

While requesting Your Honour’s involvement into this matter, I would like to suggest Your Honour that, a fact finding machine be organized to pay a surprise visit to the hospital between 9.00 am. to 3.00 p.m.  


Thanking you,

Youth Committee to Activate The Puttalam Kuwait Hospital

02nd November 2014


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