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Ashton met interim president Adly Mansour, on a visit to Cairo [EU delegation]
18 July
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Ashton met interim president Adly Mansour, on a visit to Cairo [EU delegation]

...They came after EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton visited the city and called on the interim government to immediately free Morsi. He has been kept in since just hours after the military toppled him on July 3.

"I believe he should be released. I was assured he is well. I would have  liked to see him," Ashton said.


Source: AlJazeera (http://www.aljazeera.com/news/middleeast/2013/07/2013717124459915328.html)


  • Ummu HanaIts very clear Ashton is backed by western allies next to previous envoy who visited to Egypt to give indirect recognition / (international legitimacy) to military take over of Egypt.

    People of Egypt altogether victim of their own backwardness.

    On one side MB lost vision and capacity to uphold a pluralistic attitude neither by intention nor action to build the Egypt and they fail to use the opportunity given by Military.

    On the other side Military too does not have A vision for the people of Egypt and acting as an stupid agent of the Donors.

    Gross losers of this unfortunate trend is the people of Egypt. When the country have incompetent leaders the disaster and disrespect to people and their life is inevitable.
  • Zach StewartSo the real question is, are visionary leaders the key ingredient to creating a healthy, pluralistic democracy? Must a country be blessed with an Ataturk or a George Washington or a Lula Da Silva? What if no visionary leader exists?
  • Ummu HanaIts time to build visionary global citizens.
  • Zach StewartAnd how do we do that?
  • Ummu HanaIts an interesting Question.

    I think we need to understand the uniqueness of each of us at individuals level and communities level and find a pluralistic way for the betterment of all.

    Also we can do many things on this direction...

    For example we need to expand our curriculum from national boundaries to global boundaries,

    We should become critical global citizens and question the unethical practices of our own institutions and drive them toward ethically acceptable bodies...
  • Zach StewartI agree, this will be a multi-generational group effort. I am very ambivalent about Egypt. I think that this military coup (that is what it is, no matter what anyone says) is very bad for the prospects of Egyptian Democracy. That said, it was ultimately Morsi’s doing: he lost control of the country by refusing to govern for all of Egypt. He was only interested in the priorities of his friends and supporters. He was not the visionary leader Egypt needed at this moment.
  • Zach StewartThe events in Egypt certainly seem to support the notion that political Islam is incompatible with pluralistic democracy. How can a religion that believes itself to be "perfect" and unchangeable ever be flexible enough to govern a big, diverse country like Egypt?
  • Ummu HanaYou are correct. The contemporary political Islam of Egypt is not compatible with pluralism because of their dogmatic understanding of the text.
  • Ummu HanaUnfortunately today in Egypt no body is intending to place democracy and basic values including Mursi and Muslim Brotherhood, Military and its sponsors US and Europe.
  • Zach StewartSo from whence does the technocratic middle emerge? Will it be in a resurgent Nasserism? Will Hamdeen Sabahi get another chance to run?
  • Ummu HanaI think west is trying to maintain relation with anyone who ensure their interest. In fact Mubarak was ousted by the west by providing training to April 6 movement and others at first and now ousted together with military.

    Whoever become the rulers of Egypt, I think another 50 years western countries (US and Europe) can sustain their interest in these countries.
  • Zach StewartWell, self-interest is the crux of all diplomacy. Foreign powers (that includes everyone, not just western countries) will never engage with another country purely out of altruism. So that truth being established, how can we ensure that the RIGHT ruler, who has the best-interests of Egypt at heart, can also appeal to foreign investors and the military?
  • Ummu HanaThe crisis in Egypt is same like in Sri lanka. None of the political party has a vision for their country. Therefore hoping and dreaming for a better future to Egypt or Sri lanka is far a way from the reality.
  • Zach StewartTruly, many of the earth's old institutions, built by the civic-minded post-war generation, are beginning to rot and corrupt under poor stewardship. We need to be the new civic generation, to build new institutions that serve a 21st century reality.
  • Ummu HanaYou are correct, self interest with the cost of the rest is unethical. We need to build western citizens (who are relatively much free to think freely) as global citizen and let them to talk for entire humanity beyond self interest.

    Western citizens have to bear relatively bigger portion of global responsibility to serve the humanity at large as they are free to think and act.


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